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Join the Library:

Becoming a member
Membership of the library is free. There is no minimum age for joining, but those under the age of 18 years old will require a signature and ID from their parent/guardian.

Online Library Membership

  • The online membership will allow you access to the libraries eBook, eAudio and eMagazine collections only.
  • Adult and junior membership options are also available.

Full Library Membership

  • Access all of the libraries eBook, eAudio and eMagazine collections.
  • Borrow and reserve books, DVDs and other physical items held by the Library.

If you have joined online and would like to upgrade to the full membership option, please visit the Yass Library and present proof of your name and current address.

Conditions of membership

  • I agree to pay the library any late fines and/or the replacement value and administrative fees for any items overdue, lost, damaged, or not returned that have been issued on my card or for minors for whom I have signed as guarantor.
  • I agree to present a valid library card from Yass Valley Library Service to conduct any library transactions or to use library facilities, including the computers.
  • I agree to give notice of any change of address, email and/or phone number, (including mobiles).
  • I agree to obey the Copyright Act 1968.
  • I acknowledge that the library does not monitor, and has no control over information available online and cannot be held responsible for its content. Restricting or monitoring access to the internet by children aged under 18 years of age is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.
  • I acknowledge that an application for a Library Membership requires me to provide personal information as defined in the Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998. I understand that the Library requires this information in order for my membership application to be processed. The supply of this information is voluntary, however, without a membership some services will not be available. (Note: This information will only be used within Yass Valley Library Service.)
  • I declare the information contained within my application is true and correct.

By clicking the button below I agree that I have read and understood all of the conditions of use and agree to abide by these guidelines set out by the Yass Valley Library Service.